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Failure of CRM - Get the Best CRM for Small Business

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In order to avoid failure of CRM within your company you need the best CRM for Small Business, Salesboom.

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Failure of CRM, How to get the Best CRM for Small Business:

What are the top reasons that contribute to the failure of CRM in traditional CRM implementations?


Lengthy CRM software deployments:
Hard to customize and integrate traditional CRM software solutions require CRM consultants and system engineers and adequate IT staff to build a company-specific CRM solution. Some traditional CRM implementations have taken years to deploy and many more to even realize a return on investment (ROI) on.


High TCO Total Cost of Ownership and acquisition costs:

  Traditional CRM software solutions require:
a) Expensive License fees, including costs per user and per each model added.
b) Server & Network hardware components and constant upgrade and maintenance.
c) Expensive CRM consultants.
d) IT programmers to customize the CRM software application to a business specific workflow and processes.
e) Continual upkeep of hardware, network, software systems, data and backups.
f) Continual CRM software upgrades license fees year after year.
g) Hard-to-use traditional CRM software applications require constant training to ensure maximum benefits are gained.
3.'s feature-rich wall-to-wall business CRM, SFA and ERP software solutions are on demand. Which naturally costs your company a very low monthly per user price, without hardware, software, CRM consultants or IT programmers or staff ever again.
4. Passive employee resistance and low user adoption rates. Employees just don't buy it! Resisting change is human nature, and is perfectly normal. What's not normal is to let the resistance and the low adoption rate cause a company's CRM strategy to fail. An intuitive and friendly user interface, an employee-centric and customer-centric CRM solution by will make your employees addicted to using the CRM software system. This will lead to a quick ROI on your CRM project and ensure CRM success, not CRM failure.

CRM: Is it a software solution or a business strategy? Businesses who perceive CRM Customer Relationship Management as a software solution rather than an actual planned business strategy are more likely to fail at implementing CRM.

CRM requires people to drive change and software to automate processes. CRM is a strategy, CRM software solutions are part of a business strategy to enhance customer experience, customer loyalty and customer retention, increase employee productivity, and streamline business processes, increase sales and profits.

Try our free hosted CRM software solutions 30-day trial now and talk to one of our CRM consultants for a free CRM consultation to ensure your CRM project is on time and on target, Salesboom can help answer questions such as What is Your Recession Sales Strategy and help improve sales. Experience the Boom now.

For more information on Salesboom, the first and only Canadian On demand hosted CRM software / Web-based SFA Software Provider, please contact us directly.

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