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Cloud CRM Skype Integration:

Skype CRM Integration with Salesboom allows you to place calls without ever leaving your Web Based CRM platform. No more entering contact information twice.

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Skype Cloud CRM Integration with Salesboom:

CRM Skype Integration Free TrialCloud CRM Skype Integration

Salesboom's Cloud CRM Feature list includes many rebust features including Skype CRM Integration, now you can set up your Salesboom account to make any phone number within the system a link to skype with a few easy steps. You have to have the Skype program installed on your computer for this CRM feature to work.

To enable your organization to make Skype CRM calls within Salesboom, you must first enable Skype as the call type in your personal settings. Go to Control Panel -> Personal Settings -> Calling Preferences and select Skype as your calling preference.

After that, every phone number you add into Salesboom will be turned into a link that, when clicked, will launch a Skype call to that phone number. Simply click the phone number link on a Lead, Contact or Account and, without a page refresh, you will be able to launch a Skype call. Or, if the phone number is not formatted properly, you can edit the phone number to make it conform to the Skype phone number and then make the call, again, without a page refresh.

Requirements and Restrictions:

  • Available in: Solo, Team, Professional, and Enterprise Editions
  • No special user permissions required; available to all user types, all editions.
  • Requires Internet Explorer V6.0 or greater.
  • You must have installed Skype and have the required features added to your Skype account to enable calling out using Skype. If you can't call out using Skype when you're not in Salesboom, then you definitely won't be able to call out using with Skye from within Salesboom. Your problem is that your Skype account isn't set up properly and only Skype can resolve this issue for you.


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