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Enterprise Edition: The on demand hosted Solution for all your Cloud CRM, SFA, and ERP needs.

Salesboom unprecedented Enterprise Edition empowers businesses with sophisticated customer facing tools to manage their customers effectively across marketing, sales, and customer service & support departments.


on demand hosted CRM software / web-based SFA instant messenging service software | Cloud CRM System

Enterprise Edition includes:

  • Campaign Management
  • Mass Email
  • Lead Management
  • Contact & Account Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Forecasting
  • Cases & Solutions Management
  • Document Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Shared Calendar
  • Task & Event Management
  • Custom Fields.
  • MS Outlook Integration
  • Mail Merge into MS Word.
  • Instant Messaging
  • Employee Management
  • HR Policy Management
  • Only $95.00/user/month.

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Enterprise Edition:

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On demand hosted CRM Software has reached a new pinnacle with Salesboom’s Enterprise Edition. If you’re in the market for a complete suite of on demand hosted wall-to-wall solution, encompassing Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and the only place in the market you’ll find true Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) features; then you’ve come to the right place. Salesboom’s Enterprise Edition is the measuring stick with which all other on demand hosted Cloud CRM software applications are measured against. Give your company the long-term growth and strategy that a truly complete on demand hosted Cloud CRM software application can offer with Salesboom’s Enterprise Edition.

Cloud CRM-Edition enterprise

The Salesboom Enterprise Edition comes with all of the industry-leading features you’ve come to enjoy in the Professional Edition and our other Cloud CRM Software programs, but with even more perks. You get a complete product database to maintain an overview of all the products and services you offer, which links in to the best web based Inventory Management software system on the market. The Enterprise Edition also opens the doors wide open with a new and improved Customer Billing management & Invoice management module, giving you the power to completely automate your billing cycles, with invoices, sales quote management and more. You can also take advantage of the robust customer self-service portal, decreasing support times and overhead, while increasing customer satisfaction by giving them an outlet to check on support cases manually without waiting through telephone queues.

Salesboom’s Enterprise Edition is more than just an on demand hosted business software package. We’re the first and only on demand Cloud CRM provider to integrate Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) metrics into our Cloud CRM services, giving you a completely accurate, real time look into how your customer lifecycles work. From length of relationship, profitability, total cost of acquisition per customer and more, Salesboom’s CLM features remain the most meticulously crafted and thought out addition to on demand hosted Cloud CRM software ever.

  Cloud CRM Enterprise Business Software Edition Integrates with the majority of software from:     Common Compatible Software
Automotive Industrys
  Microsoft QuickBooks
Construction Industry   Microsoft Excel
Department of Education   Microsoft Access
Engineering Industry   Microsoft Outlook
Healthcare Industry   Microsoft Dynamics
Insurance Industry      
Legal Services      
Manufacturing Industry      
Non-Profit Orginizations      
Real Estate      
Telecommunications Industry      
Transportation Industry      
Travel Industry

Take our free 30 day trial of our Cloud CRM Software programs today, and experience the amazing power behind Salesboom’s Enterprise Edition that will excel your business to plateau’s that will leave your shareholders breathless. You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Be a part of the new wave in on demand hosted Cloud CRM. Join the on demand Revolution with today.

Whether you are growing tired of traditional methods software and are new to the Cloud CRM Software market or have out grown a less featured Cloud CRM Software programs, Enterprise Edition comes with all the industries leading features you expect in Cloud CRM Software.

If you were previously using the Professional Edition, all those options remain in the Enterprise Business Software Edition, plus even more. (A brief outline follows; for more detailed information please follow the links in the table)

Some features only found in Enterprise:
Minimum CRM Users 1
Maximum CRM Users Unlimited
Storage Per CRM User 150 MB
Included Storage 2 GB+
Industry Solutions Yes
Customization Yes
Price Per CRM User $95.00 per user/month




Service Quotes Management:

  • service quotes can be generated on the fly
  • create professional sales quote in PDF format and e-mail it out
  • tightly integrated with Salesboom contract and time billing management software
  • customizable records fields with reporting and Cloud CRM online software workflow
  • full Integration with Salesboom Opportunity Management
  • when an opportunity is closed, billing invoice software instantly creates and e-mails from within Salesboom
  • contract management software solutions associate contracts with quotes, contacts, accounts, opportunities, etc
  • proven to help your sales team concentrate on selling, not working with sales and quote documents

Inventory Database Program:

  • a 360-degree view of complete inventory database, past, present and future
  • know which products are most popular with which types of customers
  • quick product reference
  • Sales team will know what products are offered and at what cost
  • offer special discounts by creating an online product catalog
  • compare customer reports against product reports
  • determine Key Selling business opportunities by knowing how much product to have on hand

Contract Management Software:

  • manage contacts in web-based environment available 24/7/365
  • no install software to download
  • customize data you would like stored about your contacts
  • import Outlook contacts from Outlook
  • Real-time Alerts, contact management & creation or edit notification, automated contact routing
  • Self-service Contact creation from your Web Site
  • Mass Email software programs
  • import Contacts from other systems
  • Zip Code Proximity creates a list of Contacts with addresses
  • full security over who has access to what Contact info
  • contacts can be associated with Events, Tasks, Calls, Notes, Documents, E-mails, Accounts, Opportunities, Campaigns, and much more
  • Commissions Management:

  • provide visibility, compliance and creditability for commission plans
  • use our software employee payroll commission template
  • used by sales agents to request commissions on closed won sales
  • used by managers to calculate and distribute commission payments
  • identify Top Employees by commissions earned
  • calculate total commissions paid
  • Contact Center - CTI, IVR, VOIP:

  • allows company to easily set up customer contact centers
  • provide your clients with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), freeing up employee’s within your office to be more productive
  • allows for Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • save campaign management and client interaction history
  • Web Self-Service:

  • create special self-serve accounts for any customer
  • gives them access to create cases that are instantly available to support personnel
  • link solutions from other customer's problems back to the original trouble ticket
  • customer's don't need to contact you in order to submit a case
  • better efficiency equals customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer retention

    EDI Services:

  • allows the electronic exchange of information of order, invoicing, and payment data with customers and suppliers
  • customers send Purchase Orders and Change Orders
  • generate Functional Acknowledgments for any transactions received
  • send daily Ship Notices and Invoices
  • EDI Planning Schedules help forecast delivery requirements
  • send Customer Order Status Reports
  • send Purchase Orders and Change Orders
  • send Dispatch Advisements
  • Automated Billing & Invoicing:

  • automatically generate correct and up-to-date invoices
  • automatically changes to Read-Only status to ensure that no one tampers with it
  • simply select the products from the Product Database that the customer is being billed for
  • Run an consumer invoice report to get a list of pending invoices
  • Run an overdue report to have an instant view and help prevent or recover overdue accounts
  • incorporate various tax rules based upon a variety of situational rules
  • easily figure in a percentage based discount for a particular item or across the entire invoice itself
  • store and reference all of your customers' payment information
  • Inventory Management Software:

  • track inventory levels through both manual and automated inventory
  • make automatic updates as sales are made
  • set new automated inventory level updates on a recurring basis
  • Project Management Software:

  • software project management and technology come together allowing full visibility into all areas of your business
  • plan and track the progress of all your tasks, resources and view expenditure forecasting with business expenditure sheets
  • have a full-on historic view allowing you greater visibility into how past projects have performed
  • access project information system anytime, anywhere for project information management
  • keeping tabs on all employees responsible for working the project and making sure it stays on time
  • data sharing among team members and their project manager
  • visibility into all of your projects; finished, current or planned
  • All these highlights are only some of the ways Salesboom’s Cloud CRM Software Enterprise Edition will help your company, no matter the industry or service. online web based Cloud CRM Software Solutions are utilized by the Legal, Engineering, Corporate, and Pharmaceutical industries around the world such as USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Sweden, France, Egypt, Jordan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, South Africa Singapore, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Turkey, China (Hong Kong, Shanghai), Japan, Australia, and many more. All these businesses use Salesboom online web based Cloud CRM software, web-based SFA software and ERP software systems to manage all aspects and processes of their businesses.

    Salesboom CLoud CRM Software Solution

    Campaign Management software- empowers your marketing department to effectively plan, track and measure the metrics of your campaigns.

    Lead Management software- allows your Sales Team to capture Leads generated from marketing campaigns, and start pushing them through your sales pipeline.

    Web based Contact Management software- allows your sales representatives to keep track of all contacts within each organization as they move closer to closing a deal.

    Opportunity Management software- allows you an unparalleled look into your sales and revenue pipelines, and helps you manage sales quotas and trends.

    Contract Management software- allows all your Sales and Service representatives to keep track of sales contracts, SLA agreements and more from an easily reference tab.

    Inventory Management software- allows you to keep an easy reference database of all your small business products and services, their prices and more. Grouped into catalogues, your Sales Reps can tie Products into Sales quickly and efficiently.

    Billing management & Invoice management (accounting software) - gives your accounting department a much deserved break, automatically generating invoices and sales orders.

    Knowledge Management software- lets your Service and Support teams become more effective and productive, with a central repository of common solutions to common problems and an escalating trouble ticket system.

    Web based Project Management software- allows you to keep control of your back-office projects, such as product development or completion of a customer contract.

    Microsoft Outlook CRM Solutions- gives you two choices of how to manage your email with the Salesboom application and keep full control of all communications with customers.

    Web based Document Management software- allows you to store all your critical documents in Salesboom, from marketing collateral to financial reports, with strict security controls.

    Enhanced Document Collaboration Software- with an Interactive Whiteboard and fully functional Instant messaging Service (IM) program allowing you to share ideas and correspondence quickly between employees, regardless of the location.

    Full Customization of the application- store data any way you want.

    Try our Enterprise Edition - FREE Cloud CRM Software Trial for 30 days. online web based CRM Software Solutions for small business are utilized by the Legal, Engineering, Corporate, and Pharmaceutical industries around the world such as USA (United States of America), Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Sweden, France, Egypt, Jordan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, South Africa Singapore, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Turkey, China (Hong Kong, Shanghai), Japan, Australia, and many more. All these small businesses use Salesboom online web based CRM software (Customer Relationship Management), web-based SFA software (Sales Force Automation software) and ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems to manage all aspects and processes of their small businesses.

    Salesboom’s powerful Enterprise Edition is the most comprehensive Small business Cloud CRM software solution on the market, giving you all the Cloud CRM tools you need to succeed. Salesboom's On Demand hosted CRM software can increase revenues, increase productivity, decrease overhead, and increase customer satisfaction in weeks or months, not the years required by a traditional CRM software. Take our free Cloud CRM software - Enterprise Edition 30-Day Trial Now and see what you've been missing! You can also contact our Sales team directly for more information at 1.855.229.2043 (1.855.229.2043) or via email at - All the Small Business Cloud CRM Tools You Need to Succeed; Without the Price Tag.

    We know customer relationship management and automating the sales department is critical to your business. We've designed our web-based Cloud CRM software system around the needs of small and medium size businesses everywhere. Cloud CRM is critical to a company's success. Why gamble with traditional Cloud CRM providers, when you can use a proven system, already fully integrated with ERP?

    Try our free small business software trial for 30 days. Or, you can contact our Sales team directly for more information at 1.855.229.2043 (toll free in North America) or via e-mail at

    Once you truly gain full visibility into your company's business processes, you'll never want to go back to the dark again. We guarantee it.

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