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Cloud CRM Fast Track:



on demand hosted Cloud CRM software / web-based SFA instant messenging service software's Cloud CRM Fast Track will help you achieve fastest ROI on your CLoud CRM Software investment. Fast Track by is great for new Cloud CRM users or existing clients who want to maximize Cloud CRM benefits and user adoption.

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Cloud CRM Fast Track by

Quicker ROI & Visible Results
To help you achieve the fastest possible return on investment on your Cloud CRM System Solutions, we have developed our Fast Track program. On the basis of years of experience dealing directly with our clients we will help you get on your way with your Salesboom Cloud CRM System Software purchase, and achieve a positive ROI within weeks.

Fast Track is great not only for new to Cloud CRM System customers who want the best possible set up, it is also great for existing Salesboom clients who feel they aren’t leveraging all of what Salesboom has to offer.

Fast-track | Cloud CRM

Cloud CRM Fast Track comes in two forms: Set-up & Streamline.

Cloud CRM Fast Track Set-up: This option is tailored for the new Cloud CRM Software user. Experts at Salesboom will help with the initial setup of your software ensuring the single most important business process will run smoothly. Fast Track Set-up will help you to prioritize what is most important to your business so you can get underway quickly and have all users productive and using the system effectively.

Cloud CRM Fast Track Streamline: Tailored for existing Salesboom Cloud CRM Software users. Our experts will help you realize capabilities not before utilized by implementing your single most important business process. With these new business discoveries your company will receive even more benefits from your Salesboom Cloud CRM Software Solution purchase.

Main Benefits

Benefit from high user adoption in your organization
Receive great improvements in very little time
Keeps all progress documented to assist with tailoring for future business growth
Use metrics to measure and manage your business
Gain the knowledge needed to align your current Cloud CRM Software requirements with your future growth and needs

What You Receive
Fast Track provides you with the following services:

One hour consulting and project planning session
Fast Track workshop
Application customization based on your priorities realized from consulting with Salesboom
Adminstration and Security set up
Custom Form Layouts
Implementation of one key business workflow process

Solution review once configuration is complete

One hour training session

For More Information about Fast Track Set-up & Streamline and how they can optimize your Cloud CRM Solutions, please contact our experts at Professional Services at at: 1.855.229.2043 |

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Cloud CRM Software Solutions high return on investment

  You need the Fast Track if:
You want the fastest return on your Cloud CRM.
You want high user adoption rates within your company.
You want to optimize your Cloud CRM Software for your business.



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