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Our Online CRM puts the power of strategic marketing at your fingertips. Our 15 years in the CRM industry have allowed us to create the most powerful marketing tools for your business and brand. Drip marketing campaigns, lead generation, and marketing collateral storage are just some of the key-features you will be able to access, anytime and anywhere. Sign up for a free trial and begin to customize and integrate marketing campaigns today.

Campaign Management's Cloud Marketing Campaign Management Software is the perfect solution for any Marketing initiative. Track the number of sales leads, contacts, sales opportunities and accounts that each Campaign has generated. Automate and manage off-line as well as online Marketing and Sales Campaigns. Create customized Reports and share data with the channel, sales, or support in real time. Your Marketing Campaign data is always available from any computer that has Internet access. It just doesn't get more convenient than that. read more

Mass Email

Salesboom's adding more functionality into its web based CRM software system by giving you the tools you need to conduct your mass email marketing campaigns through the Salesboom system. Now you can make sure all the leads, contacts and customers in your database can receive targeted, direct emails that are relevant and contextual to your small business. Have a new product that you think would be great for customer's who previously purchased a similar product from your small business? Great! Easily run a quick report in Salesboom to isolate all those customers and send them a direct e-mail informing them of the new product or promotion, and how they can benefit. Drive traffic to your website or to your sales representatives through Salesboom's mass e-mail marketing software! read more

Marketing Collateral

In minutes you can change what documents your organization is using to support the sales process. This control allows the flexibility you need in today’s agile business environments and tough sales cycles. Real time access to that white paper, customer testimonial, case study, marketing campaign, sales promotions, currently running advertisements, whatever, can make the difference between getting a ‘yes’ or getting a ‘no’. read more

Auto Response Email

The Auto response emails feature allows you to send automated pre-written emails to your clients. When you have similar cases or frequent questions from your clients you can create an auto response email with a specific content that answer that frequent question. When the condition is satisfied, that reply email on this issue will sent. You can create many auto response emails as you like depend on your business needs. Personalized responses to customer inquiries go out immediately and automatically with Salesboom's auto-response e-mail. You can tailor responses based on the nature of the inquiry or specific information supplied by the customer. read more

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