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Our Web-Based CRM puts the customer first by powering your Service team with amazing tools and integrations. Our 15 years in the CRM industry have allowed us to build the most powerful service tools to help you give each client the one-on-one attention they deserve. Build a Knowledge base, track every single case and incident, every client interaction, and build a solution management system all within our powerful All-In-One CRM. Sign up for a free trial and begin to customize and integrate your service teams today.

CRM Case Management

CRM Case Management Software & Knowledge Management Software give your service team the ability to record every transaction and action within a case or client. Our Online analytics provided will help you understand the weaknesses of your business or support, through recorded transactions, allowing you to be more agile in customer support. Quickly build an online-knowledge base, that can be accessed by anyone to ensure your employees are learning from mistakes made, and constantly are intuitive towards your clients. read more

CRM Solution Management

CRM Solution Management Software and Customer Service System is your online encyclopedia of every customer issue and its resolution. This gives your support team a virtual knowledge base to consistently refer to when dealing with customer challenges. Every interaction and action taken to fulfill resolution is recorded, and can be constantly referenced for training, and real-time service and support. read more

CRM Knowledge Base Management

Salesboom Cloud CRM Knowledge base Management software enables you to collect information about your customers frequent questions in order to share this information with your clients and your support team. It minimize the wasted time spent on customer support center, enhance productivity of team members and saves valuable time wasted on searching for this information to cater your clients needs faster. read more

Shared Calendar

Shared Calendar Software means that ever important meeting and date can be shared and accessed across all your users. Make internal meetings or global meetings, that every one of your staff can see, update, and follow through their Web-Based CRM platform. Employee Collaboration tools are the heart and soul of Salesboom, so it only made sense that we include such an important facet of this idea. Sign up for a free trial and being to keep all your employees and client focused and on the same page with Salesboom. read more

Event Management

Salesboom Cloud CRM Event Management keeps you on time and on track for all your appointments and meetings. Just log on to Salesboom from any connected device and instantly see any appointments, meetings, the time, who you're meeting, how the meeting came to be, and any other pertinent information with just one click. Stay informed and organized with the best Value-Based CRM on the market. read more

Instant Messaging Service

CRM Instant Messaging Service allows you never miss a moment and to communicate effectively with all your users in real time. Scrap all the distraction that traditional messaging, such as Facebook, Yahoo Messenger etc bring, and keep your employees focused on their tasks at hand. Our messaging is seamless and the perfect tool to keep your staff on the same page when it comes to their business efforts. Sign up for a free trial and you soon will understand why we are the best Value-Based CRM on the market. read more

Customer Self Service

Our CRM Customer Self Service Portal Software is one of the latest on-demand business solutions. Give your customer access to view their service tickets and any and all updates on their issues. Put the customer and their needs first by getting rid of automated messages, lengthy holding times though a queues, and misinformation. A Customer Self Service Portal leaves your clients satisfied and understanding in real-time where their issues and its resolution stands. The ultimate tool in customer service, built into our Web-Based CRM. read more

Skype Cloud CRM

Skype Cloud CRM Integration with Salesboom means that you have all the features and coniveince of Skype built into your CRM. This allows you to seamlessly add connections, see their entire contact history, and begin to build a very detailed profile all within your CRM platform. The power of Skype and Salesboom will dramatically increase the attention you give to your client, and will future your ability to close the sale. read more

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