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CRM Training and Support:

Contact Customer Support
Use our web-based form to submit questions to Salesboom Customer Support. is committed to customer satisfaction. As our customer, we want to help you successfully manage your customer relationships. We're with you every step of the way, providing resources you need to ensure that your Web based Business Cloud CRM software system implementation is successful. World-class Business Cloud CRM software training and support is included as part of your package.

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Online Business Cloud CRM system software training courses and customer support are available for all Salesboom customers. also offers Business Cloud CRM system software training and support packages tailored to your specific business needs.

Cloud CRM System Support and Training Services
Check out the Business Cloud CRM System Training and Support center to find currently offered training classes. Just click the Training and Support link located in the upper right hand of the screen to view the Business Cloud CRM System training and support services offered to customers.

Cloud CRM Software Solution Tutorials: A Day in the Life... offers some examples of a day in the life of different users of the platform. To see typical processes for different users please take alook at the A Day in the Life of... section.

   A Day in the life of...
   Marketing user
   Sales Representative
   Sales Manager
   Service and Support Representative
   Service and Support Manager

Customer Support

A lot of your questions can be answered here in our FAQs (frequently asked questions). realizes that the needs of customers will differ from one business to another. Therefore, several support packages are offered. Customer's can choose which support package best fits their business. From answering your user's inquiries to full administrative services, there's a support package that offers everything you need.

Our International Business Cloud CRM Software System Training programs facilitate our customers in many regions of the world including: USA, Canada, UK, The EU ,(Austria,Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark , Estonia , Finland , France , Germany , Greece , Hungary , Ireland , Italy , Latvia , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Malta , Netherlands , Poland , Portugal , Slovakia , Slovenia , Spain ,Sweden and The United Kingdom), The Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Abu dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon and Tunisia), South East Asia, Australia and many more countries.

Support Packages
Features Team Edition Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
Case Response Time 24 business hours 2 business hours 2 business hours
Case Limit 25 per month per user Unlimited Unlimited
Phone Access -- Regular business hours 24/7
Toll-Free Phone Access -- Canada and the U.S. only Canada and the U.S. only
Personal Customer Service Rep. --
Administrative Services -- -- performs all necessary administrative setup and maintenance on your behalf.

Small, Medium Or Large business Cloud CRM Training

Customized Training
The needs and knowledge level of each customer varies. Therefore, offers a wide range of classes to help customers get the most out of their Public classes conducted via the Internet are available to subscribers. These offer practical training on how to use and administrate the service and are available to Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition and Team Edition customers.

Private training classes are available that are tailored to your small, medium or large business needs. Custom training services are also offered to help your company develop efficient small, medium or large business processes using

Classes Available
Title Topics Covered Details
Introduction / System Administrator Tutorial This course introduces users to features, concepts, terminology and setup. Users will learn how Small business online web based Cloud CRM software / web-based SFA services can help to streamline their small business. Users will also learn how to set up and administer Salesboom for their small business. Users will learn how to setup their small business profile, manage users, set up their small, medium or large business role hierarchy, define their small, medium or large business security access settings and use other administrative tools. Presentation type: Online e-Course
Duration: 90 minutes
Sales Rep Tutorial This course is recommended for all sales professionals and covers day-to-day tasks commonly performed by a sales representative such as managing accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities using Higher-level tasks, such as creating sales opportunities, generating revenue forecasts and importing data, will also be covered. Presentation type: Live Web Conference
Duration: 90 minutes
Customer Support Rep / Introduction to ERP Software Functionality This course is recommended for customer support users and covers the typical tasks associated with a customer support environment. Users will learn how to create and manage cases as well as add case solutions to their small business knowledge base. Also included is a tutorial of Salesboom's Enterprise Resource Planning services such as Web based Project Management . Presentation type: Live Web Conference
Duration: 60 minutes
Executive Reporting & Analytics This course is recommended for users interested in creating useful and informative reports concerning their data. The fundamentals of creating and analyzing data will be discussed. Users will learn how to create and strategically analyze reports containing data about their organization's accounts, contacts, opportunities, forecasts, cases and solutions. Presentation type: Live Web Conference
Duration: 60 minutes

On-Site Small, medium or large business Cloud CRM System Training also offers training in person, brought directly to your office. Classes can be held for a minimum of 4 hours in length. The maximum number of participants depends only on what your facilities are able to accommodate. The training will be customized to suit your small business practices and procedures. Also included is a web and conference call based Q&A session, which must be conducted within 3 weeks of class completion.

For more help, please visit the FAQ section.

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