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Test Drive our Award-Winning CRM Today. Simply register for a CRM Software free trial-demo and see what so many other companies like Gannet, Honeywell and LexisNexis have seen, we have the right CRM Software Solution for you. Our platform is easily customizable and highly user friendly making our CRM Software the fastest to roll out and provide positive ROIs, so why wait?

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How is Cloud Sales Managment Software different from Cloud CRM

Cloud Sales Management software is a full suite of solutions to manage the Sales process from Marketing and Lead Generation through Opportunity and Pipeline Management, Sales Forecasting and Closing. Salesboom Cloud CRM is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, so all the heavy lifting is managed by us in our Salesboom Sales Cloud. Simply login to your secure environment and start experiencing sales success.

Sales people need a system that is powerful, yet intuitive and easy to use.

Every business has different needs, but managing and better serving customers is a must and a successful Sales strategy rests on the ability to easily customize a system for your unique and ever-changing needs.

Manage your sales process your way, and let others manage their process in a separate process. All of it rolls up for management reports and dasboards. Setup your own process, or have our in-house Professional Services team set it up for you. Our FastTrack program gets you up and running quickly and we handle the requirements analysis, proposal, customizations and integrations as well as handle the rollout with expert Support and Training.

Salesboom has easy to setup Workflow rules to automate the process from sending emails to generating invoices to closing sales and even Color coding your leads and accounts to keep you on track. and has great reporting, dashboards and analytics to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

With 10 years of delivering innovative Cloud Sales Management software and services, Salesboom Cloud CRM is the way to go.

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