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What does on demand crm, hosted crm, web based crm and online crm really mean?

Times have changed for crm software. Just a few short years ago crm software was prohibitively expensive for small businesses and even mid market businesses to afford. On premises crm meant the customer received a stack of software on disks and would have to hire a number of consultants to install the software on customer purchased hardware, migrate data into the crm software, integrate the crm software with other software and then maintain the crm software for life. Unfortunately, this process could take years and many times ended in failure. Thankfully times have changed for crm software.

Today, with the proliferation of the world wide web, there emerged a new breed of crm software vendors – and Salesboom is recognized as one of the leaders. We call ourselves on demand crm software providers or (on demand crm software-as-a-service providers). The advantage to the customer is that with Salesboom's suite of on demand crm applications are almost unbelievable to the ears of small and mid sized businesses:

* Significantly less Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) (< 10% of traditional on premises crm software)

Try our free CRM software application 30-day trial now. 

* Salesboom provides upgrades to its industry leading Small Business CRM software for the life of your contract with us. All upgrades are delivered seamlessly to all users, at no extra charge. And since there is no software to download and install with the salesboom hosted crm software program, getting your small business up and running with web based CRM has never been easier.

* Allowing the employees of salesboom's customers to use a live application, on real data, in days; not months (or even years) with traditional CRM software companies such as Siebel CRM Software, SAP CRM software, Oracle CRM software or PeopleSoft CRM software.

* Salesboom is the only on demand CRM software vendor to come full circle with CRM, SFA and ERP by offering a full suite of on demand crm software services as well as an on premises crm software and hardware combination in our web based crm appliance offering.

* $0 upfront software acquisition cost for our customers and a convenient pricing policy.

Salesboom provides rentable crm software, or CRM 'software-as-a-Service'(SAAS). Salesboom's simple per user pricing makes your CRM software Return on Investment (ROI) calculation quick and easy.

* And what a sweet CRM ROI calculation it is with Salesboom on demand CRM software, web- based Sales Force Automation software and Online Enterprise Resource Management Software Solutions. At Salesboom, we often achieve a ROI on our customers' CRM software expenditure within 3-6 months. Salesboom pays for itself in increased productivity, less confusion among employees, better communications between employees and management, fewer long distance charges, and 24/7/365 access to the same crm software and same company data, from any web enabled computer or wireless device.

* Salesboom puts our money where our mouth is by providing a free online crm software trial for 30 days to anyone, anywhere, anytime - without having to be pumped by a sales rep first.

* Free online CRM Training, Free Online CRM Software Tutorials, and Free CRM Whitepapers

* Salesboom gives each company a dedicated Account Representative that is the single point of contact for Salesboom online CRM software sales, training, CRM Implementation, Customer Service, CRM Customization, CRM software Integration Partnerships. A second dedicated technical support representative will be available for any technical support requirements. With only two main contacts to deal with, salesboom makes it extremely easy for our customers to interact with our customers and give them the best experience possible.

* Included free with each online crm software account a free one hour, one on one, training session from your dedicated Salesboom Account Representative. Salesboom is the only company on the web that offers this free crm training service to our customers.

* When Salesboom says 'CRM Software' it is often implied Customer Relationship Management Software, (CRM Software), Sales Force Automation Software (SFA Software) and Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP Software). Check out the salesboom Team Edition online crm software Edition, Salesboom Professional online crm software Edition, Salesboom Enterprise online crm software edition.

* Salesboom has web based crm software solutions for small business, crm software solutions for medium sized businesses as well as crm software solutions for the Large Enterprise.

* Salesboom represents peace of mind for our customers. Our customers can sleep well at night knowing their important customer data is ssl encrypted and is under careful watch of the salesboom team of security professionals that handle physical security, datacenter security, data & network security 24/7/365. Never again have to worry about sensitive company data being captured by spyware or viruses from your employee's desktop computers. When it's saved in the Salesboom CRM software, it's safe, and backed up routinely by salesboom staff.

* Salesboom has many Vertical CRM software solutions (Industry specific CRM) available for its Enterprise Edition customers such as Automotive, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical, Travel, Retail, etc.

* Salesboom can be used in multiple languages

* Salesboom is a fully customizable CRM and is easily integrated with other best of breed software or in-house software such as small business accounting software, Human Resources software, Supply Chain Management software, etc.

Try our free CRM software application 30-day trial now. 


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